What is "Sharaku"

Sharaku Partners with clients to resolve business challenges by providing comprehensive start-to-finish advice, from corporate vision and strategic planning to implementation and follow up. Our multifaceted approach includes both management, planning and strategic consulting as well as M&A, turnaround and related financial advisory services.

Sharaku Partners Co.,Ltd. logo
◆Our "S" logo was designed by the reknown Japanese calligrapher Souun Takeda. Highly praised for his innovative yet traditional style, Mr. Takeda designed our logo balancing east and west, the very Japanese-sounding "Sharaku" name with the letter "S". The "S" also stands for our corporate values: 洗練 (senren = quality and sophistication), 繊細 (sensai = insightful and sensitivity to others) and 誠実 (seijitsu = sincerity and integrity),

Founding principles

"We aspire to help top management succeed. Success leads to a happy company and happy employees. And thus the company prospers." Sharaku is composed of two characters: 社 "sha" means company, and 楽 "raku" means fun, happiness.

Management principles

Sharaku partners with top executives to address their challenges, identify their opportunities and deliver sustainable and lasting results.

Code of conduct

Our values define the way we partner with our clients to achieve their goals:

  • 『洗練』 (senren) quality and sophistication
    … commitment to the highest standards and client satisfaction
  • 『繊細』 (sensai) insightfulness and sensitivity to others
    … understanding of and responsive to our clients' interests and aligning our interests with theirs for their success
  • 『誠実』 (seijitsu) sincerity and integrity
    … commitment to achieving our clients' success with honesty and accountability